Aiming for a democratic reality for socially and ecologically responsible life-styles.
Driven by engaging, open and educative qualities. Creating tools for interaction and questions for starting a transformation of values inspired by personal experiences. Exchanging knowledge with education and social environments.


Interact to transform

Open Bridge
Strategies for “Socialdesign”
Intention With Us
Alterhase—2nd Handlabel
Tante Emma System

Question to transform

Ikea 2.0 – make
Ikea 2.0 – assemble
Tandem – Tools
Impulse – Tool
Empties – Gamble
Pakked – uselessness
Deaf by choice
Was ist menschlich

Experience to transform

Prison–report /Chur
Traffic lights /Eindhoven
Progetto Leonardo /Volterra
Progeto De Moveis /Curitiba
Door Opening Man /Vancouver
Mobile Betreuer /Stuttgart
Flow-T investivation /Istanbul
Robert the Viking/ Vancouver
Davids umbrellas/ Vancouver


Vonderboys—back to work
Wir ärgern uns nicht
Tring—Moving sounds
SqeeSpree—Wooden joint
Hebix—Mobile lifting aid
Bendex—Furniture System
Form and handicaps
Chainsaw Carving

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Robin Weidner (born 1989, Leonberg) is an explorer and a designer, based in Eindhoven and the Stuttgart. He is driven by the fascination of everyday social hehaviours. Supportive or interruptive processes.

With his design he is aiming for social interaction and engagement for a joyful and rewarding day- and work-life instead of a capitalistic driven efficient way of dealing with the surroundings is becoming it’s utmost importance.

Another efficiency — by open and integrative processes.

Openness and engagement are key to conscious consumption and challenging the global status quo.

Robin figured out different ways of extenalize his thoughts and reseaches. The outcome is based on experiances or leading to new experiances and insights. 

And materialization of thoughts is not categorised in craft, design or art rather in the way what the work is aiming for and how to engage with a topic.

It can be a hands-on transformation by interaction, which is adapable in the real world.
At the other hand Robin is aiming rather questions which might lead to a transformation of the way of thinking, planing and acting.



01-03/ 2009        Progetto Leonardo, Volterra
07-08/ 2011        Furniture project, Curitiba
05-12/ 2009        Woodworkshop Philippin, Leonberg 04-09/ 2010       Modus Product Design, Stuttgart 
09-12/ 2014       Bootschaft Crew for Design, Ulm 05-08/ 2015       Binners'project, Vancouver 9/ 2015              VIRS UBC Vancouver10/15-04/16      Bosch UX- Design Lab                      05-2019 -now   Indipendent Design Professional 


2005 –    2008    Carpentry Reinhardt

Juli          2008    Apprenticeship diploma

2010 –    2012    Technical college Stuttgart

July        2011    Instructor examination       

July        2012    Interior designer (staatl. gepr.)July        2012    Advanced technical certificate
Sept.      2012    Master carpenter (HWK)

2012– 2015       HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd                                         Product design
01-05 2015      Emily Carr University Vancouver

08-09 2015      University of British Columbia





Re-Creatie – Artist in Residence 01-05/ 2020, Utrecht
Temporary Art Center - Residence from 2019, Eindhoven 

IF Public Value Award 2016
Young Designer Award- Association of German Industrial Designers 2015
Yooweedoo Idea Award 2015
First Prize for Special Talent in Joinery Bursary from the German Foundation for Students, 2014 Mia-Seeger Prize, Design Centre, Stuttgart, 2014 First Prize AKG-Inspired Award 2014
First Prize, Hama Design Student Award, 2013
First Prize, Best Design, Master Joiner Dipoma Piece, 2012 Silver Prize, County Guild of Joiners, 2012
Progetto de movis – Residence 7/2010, Curitiba
Prizewinner, Special Competition for Student Design, 2008 
Progetto Leonardo – Residency 1-3/2005, Volterra