Aiming for a democratic reality for socially and ecologically responsible life-styles.
Driven by engaging, open and educative qualities. Creating tools for interaction and questions for starting a transformation of values inspired by personal experiences. Exchanging knowledge with education and social environments.


Interact to transform

Open Bridge
Strategies for “Socialdesign”
Intention With Us
Alterhase—2nd Handlabel
Tante Emma System

Question to transform

Ikea 2.0 – make
Ikea 2.0 – assemble
Tandem – Tools
Impulse – Tool
Empties – Gamble
Pakked – uselessness
Deaf by choice
Was ist menschlich

Experience to transform

Prison–report /Chur
Traffic lights /Eindhoven
Progetto Leonardo /Volterra
Progeto De Moveis /Curitiba
Door Opening Man /Vancouver
Mobile Betreuer /Stuttgart
Flow-T investivation /Istanbul
Robert the Viking/ Vancouver
Davids umbrellas/ Vancouver


Vonderboys—back to work
Wir ärgern uns nicht
Tring—Moving sounds
SqeeSpree—Wooden joint
Hebix—Mobile lifting aid
Bendex—Furniture System
Form and handicaps
Chainsaw Carving

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creatively and dynamically sit in public

Questioning human coexistence by challenging the way of sitting in public such as a target integrated manufacturing process.
Human-human interaction such as human-object relation is getting addressed.


Flow-t gives space to creatively and dynamically sit in public —Flow-t benches have a curved edge which makes the sitting experience challenging and playful in the same time. A spacial arrangement with the person next to you opens up a spacial interaction within a playful approach. The dynamic benches are also dynamic in terms of locations.They can be ether belong to a specific area like a coffeehouse or a institution or the location can be changed by the people while the position is displayed online for generating a geo-cashing game.

These benches examined it's digital dimension; it is geo-localised and allows for interaction with other users located in different environment

How-to manual for making a bench for special human interactions.
Shipped components and local available materials/ tools become a urban furniture which fit in a designed process of use.


The production process is fully transparent and de-centralised at each step of the bench production —from wood suppliers to assembling workshops. It explores the possibility to produce the same bench in different ways depending on the profile, skills and knowledge of the user and to allow he/she/they to purchase a fully constructed bench or one to be self-made. The construction is based on simple joints which can be of two forms: produced professionally by experienced craftsmen/factories or assembled manually by any citizen.

Manual PDF

List of makerspaces

—Stuttgart / GermanyHobby Himmel - offene Werkstatt

Let it locally make (Find help)

— Contact local craftsmans— Order the workshop-team

List of craftsmans:
—Mainz / GermanySchreinerei Haase & CO KG
—Eindhoven / The NetherlandsRobin Weidner
—Rutesheim / GermanySchreinerei Eisenhardt
— more are welcome

Scenario of use

—  Track and book / gps Bench cashing
The bench get a gps-tracker and can be located online after clicking on one bench you can book an event on this specific bench, others can find it online and join. After leaving thebench free it becomes a “common-good”.
—  Wandering circusThe group of benches are used at specific events and generate together with others (food/concert) a place to meet and to intercat
—  The open door clubAfter buying or building a bench you can register the location online and invite people by beeing listet in the “club”
—  privat use we don't like this but its possile =)

>> Multiplicate and run a workshop

Project evolution

The process of this bench and the idea of providing a space for human interaction came out of the bachelor thesis of Jonas Voigt and Robin Weidner. Through the SFS project the idea of the rocking bench got influenced and developed by investigations in Istanbul, Eindhoven and other cities in Germany. The process of use and the process of making became the focus rather than the object itself.

Currently in use at

Wall Street Restaurant
TAC/ Temporary Art Center
Stuttgart-Stadtlücken/Österreichischer Platz
Stadtpalais Stuttgart